About us


We have work in more than 35 cities to strengthen eqaulity

Welcome to the Mountain Institute for Education & Development (MIED) Pakistan! Established in 2003, MIED is a non-profit national NGO registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. We have partnered with various international organizations and UN agencies to address community development, poverty alleviation, capacity building, institutional development, resource mobilization, and empowerment in remote and conflict-affected districts of Pakistan. With a focus on regions such as KPK, Baluchistan, Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK, and Sindh, MIED has impacted the lives of over 258,000 beneficiaries through our multi-sectoral development programs. We have also played a vital role in institutional development, targeting over 17,000 community-based organizations across the districts we work in. Collaborating with funding partners, we have shared our expertise in educational and institutional development to enhance the capacity of other implementing partners.


No poverty
Best education
Clean water
Good health

Help is our main goal !!

At the Mountain Institute for Education & Development (MIED) Pakistan, helping others is at the core of our mission. We believe that by extending a helping hand, we can make a positive and lasting impact on communities in need. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide assistance and support to individuals and organizations facing challenges in remote and conflict-affected areas of Pakistan.


We've funded 100 charity projects around the Pakistan