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Education is concerned with the development of a whole person. It involves students acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will be part of their life. It also involves caring for the development of individual intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth.

John Dewey viewed education as 're-orientation, re-organisation and re-construction of experience'. By experience he meant knowledge, skills and values, attitudes in actions.

The Dakar Framework of Action 2000 defined quality of education in terms of recognised and measurable learning outcomes especially in literacy, numeracy and essential life skills. Article 42 of the Expanded Commentary on the Dakar Framework of Action further elaborates that quality education should satisfy basic learning needs, and enrich the lives of learners and their overall experience of living.

What Education should do in a person's life? To answer to this we think "Education should enable to person to excell in the ever changing, complex and interdependent world".
The measures to attain the required quality were suggested as:


  1. Healthy, well-nourished and motivated students

  2. Adequate facilities and learning materials

  3. A relevant curriculum

  4. An environment that encourages learning

  5. Clear definition and assessment of learning outcomes

  6. Participatory governance and management

  7. Engaging local communities

Learning is more meaningful when children participate in meaningful way

They need to interact with more experienced one to improve their learning

Children learn best when they are engaged in hands - on and minds on activities 

Learning is a social process and we all learn from one another 







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