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Mountain Institute for Educational Development (MIED)
ISLAMABAD Office (Head Office/Registered Office):  House# 2, Street 1, Prince Villas Town, UC Phulgran, Member Rd, Adjacent to Bahria Golf City, Infront of Muree Rd, Barakahu, Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan 

Coordination Office: House # 483, Street 52, G-9/1 Islamabad 
Tel: +92 51 2285458    mail:,  

Main Contact Person(s): 1. Mr. Abdul Jahan, CEO/Founding Excutive Director Tel: 051 2285458 Email:  Cell# 03009882462     2. Mr. Sher Zaman  03335147347 

MIED Gilgit - Baltistan
Near Central Jamaat Khana, Gahkuck, District Ghizer Tel: ++92 5814 451423
Main Contact Person(s):

  1. Mr. Hussain Shah Cell# 03449531972
  2. Mr. Naseer Ahmed Khan, Cell: 03455559278
  3. Mr. Qasim Ali Shah  r   Cell:  03335059069  

MIED Phander:   MIED Girls College Phander Gologh near Tashil HQ Phander     Tel: 05814 440236

Main Contact Person (s) 

  1. Nisar Ali, Admin Officer MIED Phander     Tel: 05814 440236  Cell:  03555125544 





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